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Go Fly Kite History

Michael Lim, founder of Go Fly Kite, started his career as a jeweler at the age of 20. He has more than 20 years of jewelry design and sales experience. At leisure, he enjoyed flying remote control planes and helicopters. Soon later, he realized that his interest lied in flying more than anything else. Hence, he decided to switch his business combining his hobby with his profession.

Flying remote control planes and helicopters was never easy and involved high maintenance costs. It was also a kind of hobby that did not encourage group activity, which is why he saw the need to create a hobby that can be enjoyed in numbers, easy to learn and of low maintenance cost.

At the beginning, Research & Development (R&D) was the biggest challenge. The first kite was successfully launched in 2000. The Company was then established in 2001 and was privatized on August 2006.

With this innovation, everyone’s dream of flying has come true.

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