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The Delight was designed to be stable and lightweight. It is good for both beginner and advanced pilots because it is designed to be almost crash resistant and if it does crash it is easily repaired. The Delight is easily controlled yet still able to perform amazing stunts. It can fly very fast or nice and slow whatever you prefer.

Dimension: 620x 420 x 30mm
Full Weight: 196g
Flying Capability: Hover, Roll, Loop, Inverted Fly, Axel Roll, Stall Turn
Minimum Skill Level: Classic
Specifications: Brushless Motor, Brushless Speed Controller, Mini Servos
Material: Polyester
Structure: High Tension Carbon Fiber
ARF Configuration: Comes completely assembled, ready to fly. Just add the following:

Not Included:
• Radio Transmitter
• Kite Receiver
• Battery ( 800ma-950ma 2-cell Lipo )

Optional LED Streamer:
• Optional 4 meter LED Streamer available
(Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White) for $35

Note on the Pricing:
• It may seem that the cost is slightly higher than desired but each Kite/Plane is individually hand assembled with high quality components and materials. Shipping from Singapore and other fees also raise the price. It is, literally, ready to fly with the additions mentioned above. I am bringing this Kite/Plane to the US market as inexpensively as I can. Spring and Summer is on the way and we hope to get many more new Skydancers flying in the United States this year. Thank You for your interest...

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