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FLASH... See Great Review of Go Fly Kite in October's RC Model World

It is Spring and Summer again and time to Fly - Day and Night...


Featuring the Delight Kite from Go Fly Kite in Singapore

Now for the first time easily available in the United States!

Available from GoFlyaKitePlane.com

Looks like a Kite but flies like a Plane!

Kite comes in an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) configuration:
All Kites are individually assembled by hand:

• Includes: Kite with LED lights
• Brushless Motor
• Brushless Speed Controller
• Mini Servos
• Kite Bag

• Optional 4 meter LED Streamers available

You need to provide:
• Transmitter
• Receiver
• Battery ( 800ma-950ma 2-cell Lipo )

A new, exciting and colorful flying experience. The Kite/Planes from Go Fly Kite are fun and easy to fly. Best of all they have many colored LEDs which make Night Flying easy and a Delight. They come fully assembled and ready to fly.

These Kite/planes also encourage Group Flying, Night or Day. The LEDs actually make it easier to see the orientation of the Kite/Plane when flying. Add a four meter LED streamer (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White) for a spectacular effect.

The bottom line is that these Kite/Planes are so much fun to fly you will want to fly even more. Thats OK because you probably don't fly much at night now anyway. That will change when you get a Kite/Plane with LEDs. You will have a flying experience that is more fun than you ever imagined and you will certainly attract attention with your Sky Dancing…


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